Rhododendron Bric-A-Brac Group

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Rhododendron Bric-A-Brac Group - rhododendron
Common name: rhododendron
Family: Ericaceae (heather family)
Distribution: Garden Origin
Life form: Shrub
Description: Broadleaf evergreen shrub, low growing, dwarf, 2-3 ft (60-90 cm) woodsy, fine stems. Leaves about 5 cm long, elliptic-obovate, glossy dark green above, lighter below, fuzzy, new growth bronze. Blooms very early in the season, bud scales reddish, flowers open white with faint pink, red-brown anthers. (Oregon SU)
Leaf Persistence: Evergreen


  • 1: Asian Garden • Accession: 2010-0450 (3)‎ • Provenance: Garden
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